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Online Gallery of Ukrainian Art

03/2022 – ?

We are deeply shocked and saddened by the atrocities taking place in Ukraine right now. We stand in full solidarity with Ukraine and its brave people facing Russia’s aggression. 

Since March 2022, we have committed to introducing a Ukrainian female artist and their work on our Instagram every week. In this way, our followers have an opportunity to learn about various talented artists from all over Ukraine, and to financially support a charity of the artists‘ choice.


Solidarity on the Border: The Role of Civilian Activists in the Poland-Belarus Migrant Crisis

13. 12. 2021

Did you miss our event on the role of civilian activists in the Poland-Belarus migrant crisis? Fret not as you can rewatch the panel
discussion online. The panel was organized in partnership with the Berlin/Brandenburg chapter of the Young German Association for
Eastern European Studies and took place on Monday, December 13th.